Liberté, égalité, fraternité !!! oh la la. oh isch weiss

hostel hedonistic experience

cute gone bad

hab grad wenig vergnuegen an meinen french roomies if u know what i mean

hab dafuer grad recht viel vergnuegen an


check it out … giggle giggle. oh soooo funny

4 Responses to “hostel”

  • Whoa, Mon! That’s “Last Exit Brooklyn”, I guess…

    Dazu fällt mir ein “Blood Diner”, Minute 2:

    “Gesucht wird ein Mann mit einem Hackebeil, der seine Genitalien mit
    sich herumträgt.”

  • Hey Miz Mon – nice to meet you over snooty pizza tonight….welcome to Brooklyn, my neck of the woods fondly known as the ‘Shwick. You can borrow my museum card so the visits are less painful financially and then you can tell the painter what you saw. Good to read your impressions or our crazy, dirty and mysterious young city. h

  • hello heidi, thank you for yr offer… !!! today i was in the metropolitan museum and I have to say i am pretty impressed. i stayed the whole day from 9.30 until 5.30pm … at the end I was so full of impressions and completely exhausted.. wow. I liked pretty much the greek, egypt and ocean, chinese, mexican AFRICAN ….etc etc… art. so the “native art” as you want… especially the ocean art was very new to me. no wonder gauguin was so much influenced then, too. shame on me but I knew really less about it.
    i guess i give moma tomorrow a second chance… :-)
    take care. maybe or hopefully we will meet again before I go back. i really liked your companion last night. mon

  • hey kris, wusste doch, dass dir das gefaellt.. :-) ))

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